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Accurate Book Reprints was the idea that started The RNU Press. The company has since expanded into helping authors self publish their works on children’s fairy tales, family histories and other works of non-fiction but creating accurate reprints of old illustrated books was the core of the business at first.

David Edwards, the owner of David’s Books, had a dream to restore old and beautiful books on the subjects of fairy tales and medieval armor back to their original beauty. David’s plan was to save these works of art by completely resetting the type and cleaning the images to return them to their original flavour and appearance while keeping the price reasonable for his clients.

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Most reprints these days are badly done facsimile reprints that look terrible and will not be treasured by anyone. David creates books that will make the owner proud to show off his work because they capture the beauty and the essence of the original work.

The RNU Press specialises in short run book reprints. Our clients come to us because our work does not look like the usual reprints because we use the best state-of-the-art technology to bring your old illustrated books back to their original beauty.

If you are an author, a bookseller, a professor or a collector of old and valuable books, you should use our convenient Contact Us form to give us some details on any accurate reprints you may need.

If you wish to request a quote on your book or have any questions we can answer for you, here is our contact information for your use:

The RNU Press
c/o David’s Books
555 Mapleview Drive West
Barrie, Ontario L4N 8G5

Phone: 705-720-2665

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