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Self publishing books, videos and audio CDs is on the rise and is expected to keep growing because of the power and the reach of the Internet. The quality of self published books is also on the rise and the mainstream publishing world is taking note.

The Independent Book Publishers Association holds an awards program once each year to celebrate the best of the self-published books. Self publishing books of high quality is still one of the best ways to attract a large publisher.

Many self-published authors are not the least bit interested in attracting large publishing companies to their work. The reasons are that everything a large publishing company can offer you in the course of creating, distributing, promoting, marketing, and publicizing your book is something the self-published author can do better.

Here are a few facts about the publishing industry today and why self publishing books, while keeping full control of the process, might be the best possible answer for getting your work successfully published.

  • Most large publishers today only accept a small fraction of the manuscripts that come their way. Many publishing companies won’t even consider reading your work if you aren’t a celebrity or a proven talent. Self publishing gets you around this major road block and gives you a fighting chance of success.
  • Most publishing companies rule the production process with an iron fist. They set your schedule for writing, editing and how your book will be produced. Too often books are released with cheap covers, loose pages and poor typesetting. You, as a self-published author, have direct control over each of these areas and can produce a top quality book at a reasonable cost.
  • Publishing companies fall far short of quality promotion and publicity for your book if you aren’t already a best selling author. There’s a rule in publishing that you must thoroughly understand and live by if you’re going to be successful, “Nobody is going to do your promotion and publicity better than you will yourself.” This is probably the #1 disappointment with large publishers that authors realize too late to correct. They will routinely drop the ball on aggressively marketing your book and you will find yourself in the position of trying to buy back the rights to your own book so you can rescue it.
  • A publishing house can take from 18 to 24 months to bring your book to market. You, as a self-publisher, control this timetable and you can keep the process moving and have finished books in your hand in less than 6 months. I think 6 months is a reasonable amount of time to expect because there are many steps in the process and you want each one to be done correctly.
  • Publishers only pay about 5% of the selling price of the book to the author. That math works out to about $1.00 for you if your book sells in the stores for $20.00.
What is the one biggest development in the publishing business that gives self-publishers and their books a fair chance to compete against the larger publishing companies? The Internet!

The Internet has become the great equalizer for promoting and getting that needed publicity for your book.

Traditional publishing companies haven’t begun to tap into the enormous power of the Internet to promote their books. The creative self-publisher can use these new strategies and tactics to bring their book out to a hungry, targeted audience faster and with far greater success than ever before.

There has never been a better time for self publishing books than the present and by all estimates it’s going to continue to grow and may become the preferred path for the vast majority of writers and authors.

The RNU Press wants to be part of this growth and has the tools now to help you become a successful self-published author.

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We are looking forward to working with you on self publishing books that will make you proud, successful and prepared to market your books to a worldwide audience.

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